A former prosecutor defending your rights.

When you have been arrested or are facing litigation against a family member, the outcome of your case can impact your life for years to come. Attorney Andrea Lance is committed to obtaining the best possible resolution to your case, using her extensive experience in the criminal and family courts to your advantage.

Trial experience

As a felony prosecutor trying career criminals for firearms, domestic violence, sex crimes, child abuse, OUIs, traffic fatalities, and narcotics trafficking cases.

Legal insight

Developed through appearing in court on a daily basis to argue motions, conduct hearings, and negotiate settlements.

Personal attention

Prioritizing your comfort with each strategic decision and apprising you promptly of any and all developments in your case.

Cost-effective litigation

Avoiding expensive avenues unlikely to result in a more favorable outcome.

To discuss how Andrea can help you achieve the best results in your criminal or family law matter, call (978) 704-9223 or email Lance Law LLC to schedule a consultation.


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