Massachusetts Criminal Defense

An arrest is not a conviction.

If you have been arrested, you may fear that a conviction is inevitable. That is not the case. The government bears the burden of proving every element of the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. You have the right to confront the witnesses against you and to examine the government’s evidence.

As a former prosecutor and an experienced defense attorney, I will identify weaknesses in the government’s evidence, conduct an investigation for information to support your innocence, and negotiate with prosecutors for the lowest plea or even outright dismissal of your case. I can be reached  at (978) 704-9223 to advise you immediately following your arrest, and I will appear in court on short notice whenever possible.

The police make mistakes.

Police often make mistakes during interactions with suspects and in the course of investigations. I will analyze the facts of your case to find unconstitutional police action and/or insufficient evidence that will provide grounds for a motion to suppress evidence or to dismiss the case entirely.

Getting the prosecutor on your side – really.

While prosecutors usually have some discretion over pleas, they will most likely need approval from their superiors for serious charges or drastic leniency. As a former prosecutor myself, I am quite familiar with the information required for such approval. When appropriate, I will appeal to the prosecutors’ duty to seek justice rather than convictions to gain their support of your position.

Clerk Magistrate’s Hearing

If you have been summonsed for a Clerk Magistrate’s Hearing, you have the opportunity to prevent a criminal complaint from issuing. This outcome is even better than having your case dismissed, as it will not appear on any criminal record database.

You should not appear at a Clerk Magistrate’s Hearing without a defense attorney to argue reasons to exclude evidence and speak on your behalf. This will not only make it more likely that the Clerk Magistrate will decide not to issue a criminal complaint, but also protects you from the possibility of your words being used against you.

Trial Defense

You are entrusting your defense attorney to convince jurors of your innocence. Defense attorneys who proclaim their aggressive and relentless tactics are playing on their clients’ fears at the expense of effective representation. Just as you evaluate whether you can trust people you meet in your daily life, so will jurors evaluate your attorney. I am always mindful of the fact that my credibility is being evaluated, and I will represent you accordingly.

A criminal conviction can have devastating consequences affecting your family, finances, employment, housing, and immigration status. Do not face criminal charges without the advice of an experienced defense attorney who has investigated your case and negotiated with the prosecution on your behalf. If you are facing criminal charges, call (978) 704-9223 or email Lance Law LLC to schedule a consultation.

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