Victim and Witness Representation

If you are the alleged victim or a witness in a domestic violence case that you do not wish to pursue, the District Attorney’s Office will pressure you to testify against your wishes. This can be very intimidating, particularly if you are subpoenaed to court or threatened with Contempt of Court.

You should not testify regarding a sensitive matter without your own attorney to protect your rights. Never is this truer than in domestic violence cases, where in trying to help the defendant, you may find yourself charged instead. If you take the blame for the incident or make other admissions, the government can use your (possibly false) confession to file domestic violence charges against you. The defendant’s attorney does not represent you or your interests, and may be only too happy to allow you to incriminate yourself to obtain an acquittal or dismissal for his or her client.

By seeking legal counsel, you are showing the prosecution that you will not be intimidated. The prosecutors are under pressure to prosecute. You need the protection of an attorney familiar with their tactics as well as your rights and obligations under the law.

If you are the victim or a witness in a criminal case, you are entitled to seek legal representation. To discuss how I can protect your rights, call (978) 704-9223 or email Lance Law LLC to schedule a free consultation.

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