Child Custody and Support

Child Custody

When you and your spouse disagree regarding custody of your child or children, the stakes are at their highest. I will present your parenting role to the court in the best possible light in order to protect your fundamental right to your relationship with your child.

Contact an attorney sooner rather than later if you anticipate a custody dispute. Parents are often blindsided by accusations of abuse, criminal charges filed by their spouse, or frivolous restraining orders. You have the best chance of defending against such manipulative tactics and maintaining your parenting role when your attorney is prepared to defend you prior to such issues arising.

The court may appoint or you may wish to request a guardian ad litem, who will conduct an investigation that will be influential with the court. I will ensure that the guardian ad litem considers all information portraying you in a positive light, and does not unfairly favor your child’s other parent.

Child Support

Governed by Mass. Gen. Laws c. 208, sec. 28, there is a rebuttable presumption that the court shall order child support in accordance with established child support guidelines.

This does not mean the amount is a foregone conclusion. I will assist you in preparing your financial statement and analyzing your spouse’s financial statement to ensure that the court applies the most accurate and beneficial numbers in determining child support.

The court can also deviate from the guidelines where appropriate. I will advise you as to factors that might warrant a more favorable support order, and present your case to the court on that basis.

Your relationship with your children is too important to risk. To discuss how I can protect your parenting rights, call (978) 704-9223 or email Lance Law LLC to schedule a consultation.

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