Massachusetts Family Law

Your family, your home, and your finances are the most basic, central priorities in your life. The idea of needing an attorney to protect your interests in such personal matters is not usually a welcome one. However, whether you are entering into marriage, executing a will, or beginning the process of divorce, a family law attorney can help you avoid the uncertainty and anxiety of wondering what might happen if your personal matters are left to a judge’s discretion.

A family law attorney’s knowledge of the law is a mere prerequisite. Your attorney should also have the interpersonal skills necessary to negotiate sensitive issues with your family member, listen to your concerns and goals, and answer any and all questions you may have. Effective communication with your attorney is critical, as representing your interests and proposing solutions requires understanding of your lifestyle and needs.

With over twelve years of experience in family and criminal courts and related social service, I have handled a wide range of legal matters involving families. I am always mindful of the fact that victory in family law cases consists of reaching workable solutions, and that usually, even in many divorces, you and the other party will need to cooperate going forward. I am committed to representing your interests while preserving your working relationship with the other party to the greatest extent possible.

To discuss how I can help you reach your goals in your family law matter, call (978) 704-9223 or email Lance Law LLC to schedule a consultation.

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